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caring for my dad with SCLC

Hi, my dad 75 has been told he's too weak for anymore threatment for his SCLC which has spread to his Lymph Nodes, Liver, Spine thats what we know of anyway, on his last ct scan we were told that it had started to develop again and since he has lost the use of his right lung, either with the tumour, fluid or a collapse! He has night sweats, very weak,sleeps for atleast 23 hours a day! can not get himself out of bed, very confused, hallucinates, forgets whats happening or whats happened, has drop foot in both legs, well my question is are these all normal just for someone with lung cancer or are these all signs that his body is giving up and we don't have long left with him? Just some advice we are not being told anything, my mum thinks he's just got an infection but I'm not sure, thank you for any comments.

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really sorry to hear this. You must have a MacMillan nurse and a lung cancer specialist nurse assigned to your dads care? The best thing is to speak to them.

MacMillan nurses are based in the community and make home visits so I think you should ask them to visit you at home. They will advice you and put things in place to help you with your dad. You will need this if there is no more treatment.

If you haven't got a MacMillan nurse ask your GP who will arrange it for you.

Wishing you well and let us know how you get on

Lyn x


Hi there.

Good advice from Lyn. You and your dad need all the support and back-up you can get. None of us know how these situations are going to end up - getting better or not - so I think it's a case of spending as much quality time with your folks and just keep trying to be positive and supportive.

Best wishes, Bill


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