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Patients Benefit From Education Video

A patient education process may provide an antidote to the emotional and physical difficulties that lung cancer patients face before and after an operation, according to a new study published in the May issue of the Journal of the American College of Surgeons. Specifically, researchers report that lung procedure patients who watched a 30-minute preparation video reported less anxiety about the procedure, less physical pain after the operation, and higher rates of overall satisfaction with the experience.


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I used to be a colorectal specialist nursea nd we used to do that all the time, I think it does work.

I had nothing before my lung op but that was probably because my lung cancer nurse and where I had the surgery are 2 different hospitals with 2 different teams of people. Unlike bowel surgery, thorasic surgery is often only carried out in bigger University hospitals and is often carried out very quickly once you know you are having it as the process of getting there often rather slow. I was a theatre nurse and one of the last operations I assisted with before my surgery was a thoracotomy and knowing what they do, I was dreading it. In reality it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated (apart from the drains!) but my pain control was spot on.

Thanks for bringing this up though as now I think I will put it to my lung cancer nurses as a service we could offer to patients.

Lyn x


That’s an unexpected brilliant reply Lynn. It confirms it as workable and worthwhile in the UK. Great to know that an entry in a forum can be read by someone in a position to make a difference. Even better to know that they will consider and discuss taking action on it.

Much appreciated




I wanted to know what would happen during my op, thing like, how do they take the lobe out etc. I know its not always advisable but watching a video of the procedure helped me come to terms with the before, during & after the surgery. I felt better prepared. I was reluctant to have epidural pain relief, so being aware allowed me to ask if there was alternative pain relief.


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