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Pericardial effussion

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Well here I am again I have been in hospital had a Hugh amount of fluid from my heart drained .Lost loads of weight 👌 I never knew losing wieght could happen so effectively.

I am not so flippant really this cancer journey started in 20 15 and it has taken me all over the place .I have had two treated brain tumours developed epilepsy ,walking is difficult due some minor but irritating left leg weakness .I have a pacemaker as cancer entered my heart ❤ somewhere.

I have shed tears got so down I never thought I would get up again .I have had surgery and chemo and immunotherapy.I am now about to hopefully embark on target therapy .It may or may not work .

Who knows ,I am starting to believe that 🤔 I am I indeed as tough as old boots as my family constantly tell me .Certainly I have been luckier than previous family members.

Treatments have moved on and right now I am feeling lucky today to be going home to christmas lunch in a day or two .Just to advice the lost during this proccess go one day at a time .Yesterday I thought I was on my way again today apparently I am not .How amazing is that .

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Dear Brewster24

Thank you for your post which will be encouraging for so many. You have certainly been through a lot and retaining all that fluid would have certainly made you fell quite unwell.

Hope you manage to have a good Christmas this year.

We can be contacted either by email at or our free phone nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200 Monday to Thursday 0900-1700 and Friday 0900-1600

All the very best

The Roy Castle Support Team

Hello Brewster. When I read this I wanted to reply and say something positive the way that other people have done for me. But its you that have given me and others encouragement so may I just say thank you and keep on moving forward one day at a time. As you said there are new developments happening all of the time and the answer to our prayers will come. My best wishes for the new year, Sally

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Brewster24 in reply to sally70

Thank you Sally ,I still OK at the moment and looking forward to perhaps a calmer new year .

Hi Brewster24 thanks for your wonderful post. You describe so well the ups and downs and I love your sense of humour. Hope you do indeed have a calmer new year.


Sarah x

What a brave and courageous man you are. Hope this New Year brings good luck. Thankyou for all your positive encouragement to the rest of us it really cheered me up

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