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Pemetrexed maintenance/ Pneumonitis

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Well the maintenance started well. Got first week in then second week got what I thought was side effects. I ticked them all but by middle of week felt more like a chest infection. Got in touch with the hot line number as temperature was spiking at 38.8. Went in for check up into Poole Hospital and stayed. Was very poorly but holding my own. Side effects can be deceiving so I suppose I'm saying always get it checked out if unsure.

So diagnosed with Pneumonitis sadly in both lungs not nice they are a great team here nurses and drs. They're throwing everything at me 🤞 it works. Fighting back with all I've got.

Will keep you updated ❤ to you all xxx

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Hi Ollie, I’m so sad for you. It’s tough isn’t it when all seems to be going well and something else is thrown at you when your down. Keep up the fight Ollie, I know you will. Sending you hugs and kisses. Pam xxxx

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Ollie13 in reply to Loimie

Thanks Pam hope your well xxx

Best wishes for a speedy recovery 💐. Hope you are back home in time for Christmas. xx

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Ollie13 in reply to Manninmaid

Sadly not was going home to Scotland to see family all on hold. Maybe a good thing with Omicron on rise.. probably be hear for Christmas 🤞 the may let me home xxx❤

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Manninmaid in reply to Ollie13

Sorry to hear that but yes probably not a great time for a trip given the risks. It is such a shame you are likely to be in hospital for Christmas, but obviously important you get the medical attention you need. Hope with Covid restrictions you are still able to have visitors and that it isn’t too long before you can get to visit your family in Scotland. 💕xx

Hi Ollie sorry hear that your a strong woman hope you get better soon send you hugs ❤️

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Ollie13 in reply to Red58

Hi yes I'm fighting this one not ready to give up the fight. Hope you're well xxx❤❤

Hi Ollie your a strong woman hope you get better soon send you hugs ❤️

So sorry to hear about this Ollie, you are so strong and bursting with positivity, l just know you will fight it. Sending lots of love to you ❤️X

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Ollie13 in reply to Zac2018

Hi yes just trying to fight another battle staying strong hope you're well xxx❤

Ollie. Wishing you a super speedy recovery. I know you can do it girl!!!

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Ollie13 in reply to Calmrain

Cheers thanks for all the positive vibes hope you're well xxx😘😘

Hi Janet this is just awful for you. Take it one day at a time and hopefully before you know it you'll well and back in the comfort of your home. Sending you lots of healing vibes Be xx

Hi so sorry to hear about your reaction. Hoping it gets under control and you are home soon. You will fight this. Still no treatment for me I tested positive for covid.No symptoms just Isolating.Sending love x

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Ollie13 in reply to Betty68

O dear are you coping okay with covid and do you know when you may re start. My oncologist has stopped chemo for time being which I truly understand my body is taking enough at the moment. Stay safe and well 🤗🤗🤗

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Betty68 in reply to Ollie13

Bloods on 27th so hopefully 29th chemo. Hope you get out for Xmas send good wishes xx

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Ollie13 in reply to Betty68

Fingers crossed for you. Sadly not going anywhere soon just had dr's round this fight going to be a hard one 😪 anyway look forward to hearing good news from you .Take care 🤗🤗🤗

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Betty68 in reply to Ollie13

Keep us posted. Trust the drs.fight on my friend xx

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sassassas in reply to Betty68

Hope you're feeling ok too. Glad to hear you've not got any symptoms and hope you can get your treatment started soon. Sarah xx

Christmas in hospital not so bad at least you are in a safe place. Grand kids have just tested positive for Covid so we will be self isolating. We are sending you Christmas wishes and health and happiness for the New Year. You sound a stong person you will make it. xx

Thank you I know it will be okay just missing going home to Scotland not seen family for 2 years. But once I'm better and covid rules allow will have a Christmas even if its at 🐣. Take care Christmas wishes to you and your family xxx🤗🤗🤗

Hello Ollie. There is not much I can add except my very best wishes for your speedy recovery. Allow yourself to be looked after and come out fighting. XX

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Ollie13 in reply to sally70

Thanks Sally and all the positive thoughts take care 🤗🤗

I wish you well. As somebody else said, you’re a very positive person on this site and are a friend to us all. We’re all rooting for you to get rid of this and through this as soon as possible.

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Ollie13 in reply to Ellejayb

Thank you for the positive thoughts really think this fight maybe a hard one but determined to try take care stay safe 🤗🤗🤗

Hi OllieLike everyone here, so sorry to hear this. How are you doing? Sounds like you are being well looked after down in Poole. Sending best wishes your way for a speedy recovery.

Sarah x

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Ollie13 in reply to sassassas

Hi Sarah was a real shock. This is going to be a fight for life. If and hopefully going forward long haul I hope in the right direction and get out 🤞 not for Christmas though 😪 hope your well take care xxx

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sassassas in reply to Ollie13

You are a real fighter Ollie, you hang in there. xxx

Dear Ollie13

So sorry to hear you are in hospital, hope you recover and feel better soon. It is a long time not being able to see your family in Scotland, but hopefully when you do see them next you will be feeling much better.

From the replies you have many supporting you on the forum and everyone is wishing you all the very best.

We are sure you will be well looked after in hospital and you can always contact us to discuss anything at and our free phone nurse led helpline number is 0800 358 7200 Monday to Thursday 0900-1700 and Friday 0900-1600

All the very best

The Roy Castle Support Team

Thank you so much you're always there for us xxx

Hi Ollie just to say I’m thinking about you. Hoping you are improving. Sending love x

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Ollie13 in reply to Betty68

Betty hope your well. Just to say this us one of my hardest fights yet. Not sure but trying to remain optimistic 😀 looks like Christmas is in hospital 😪. Stay safe Merry Christmas 🤶 xxx

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Ollie, so sorry to hear your facing this tough experience. You are in our thoughts. Sorry you can't see your family this Christmas, sending love and best wishes from Scotland,Lorraine

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Ollie13 in reply to LorraineD

O Lorraine it's hard today was the day we were meant to be traveling to Scotland. But hopefully we can go up and have another Christmas 🎄 if and when allows. Merry Christmas 🤶 🎄 xxx

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