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Lung cancer better

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I have been treated for lung cancer for six years.

Originally in left lung. Then spread to lymph nodes in neck.

Good news now gone but just been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

About to start hormone treatment then in a couple of months will start radiotherapy.

Here we go again!


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Sorry to hear that hope that there got it in time

Dear foodbankcupar

So sorry to hear you now have prostate cancer after doing so well with the lung cancer.

Hope your treatment goes well for you.

You may know of this online forum for prostate cancer but if not here is the link: community.prostatecanceruk....

The specialist nurse helpline number for this is 0800 074 8383

Wishing you all the very best.

The Roy Castle Support Team

Sounds tough. Wishing you the best response to your treatment

You got it last time wishing you the same this time - good luck x

So sorry to hear that. Am hoping early stages for you and treatment will resolve -stay positive, wishing you the best of luck for this part of your cancer journey x

I recommend Mac apples or Empire if you dont like the tartness. I had my thoracic surgery in April of 2018 and it was a full chest opening and removal of the esophagus, relocating my stomach on top of my lungs. Recovery has been hard, especially what to eat and what to avoid. I have started following @Ankr.Us on Instagram… they post good content on nutrition for cancer patients.

it's certainly a roller coaster for you - well done on the lung cancer treatment - sometimes having had previous treatment can make us more anxious when we face it again but hopefully your resilience and fortitude you know you have from last time, can be drawn on again for this next lot.... good luck with the treatment and recovery...

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