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Radiotherapy Planning Scan

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Do Oncologists get any information regarding size reduction from this process/scan?

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They should if there is reduction as they do a CT scan before the radiation and a few more during the sessions.

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Seaspray, thanks, I've been told they do not do CT scans before sessions of Radiation. Be interested to see/hear what Oncologist says. Appears to be a confusing area.

Any more comments very welcome.

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It is possibly just xray scans they were taking on me as the machines go around. The 1st session is longest as they are taking pictures. Sorry for the confusion!

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Seaspray, Have you had this treatment? Did the oncologist tell you anything after the treatment is completed?

I have had radiation many times over the years. I just completed 10 sessions to my hilar lymph node again! Next week they are going after my adrenal gland, again! Radiation causes inflammation so beware on your next scan. Mine usually only shrink down mostly because mine are palliative care. My Radiologist tells me more than my Oncologist!

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Many thanks & hope your sessions go well, I'm finding quite hard.

Hang in there...better days are coming! Keep in touch and vent when you need to.

Hello Beatless,

A radiotherapy planning CT scan is different from a diagnostic CT scan, although both are similar. The resolution used in a planning scan is not as detailed, this type of scan, it is used by the radiologists and radiographers to give them a detailed 3d image of the exact area that they want to target, often with your permission a small dot tattoo (looks just like a freckle) will be applied this ensures that the radiotherapy can be lined up and targeted at the exact same area during every treatment.

Here is a link to our booklet on radiotherapy which might be of interest to you

If you would like to speak to one of the helpline nurses please phone 0800 358 7200(Option2) They are available from 9.0am-5.00pm Monday to Thursday and 9.00am-4.00pm on Thursdays.

Kind regards,

Roy Castle Helpline support team.

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