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Gamma knife

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Hi all got am call today today to go in tomorrow and discuss gamma knife next week. 2 spots need zapping. Any encouraging words would be helpful. Anxious is not the word.


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Hey, I had this procedure done back in April! Is really is nothing to worry about. There is no pain involved in fact you feel nothing! You just lay back and listen to music. You will have a frame attached to your head so you can’t move but the nurses will make the whole process easy for you. Good luck x

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Betty68 in reply to Locket39

Thank you so much for this. I’ve spoken to consultants and nurse and they’ve confirmed there is nothing to do but just lay still. Hope the procedure worked for you xx

Hi BettyMy friend has metastatic breast cancer and she has gamma knife any time something appears in a bone. I know it seems odd to say but she is a big fan and recommends it! It does the job really well and pretty quickly too.

Hope that helps put your mind at ease.

Sarah x

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Betty68 in reply to sassassas

Thank you. All positive news helps xx

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