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Hi all. So I had bad news today. Immunotherapy is no longer working. So I’m going on Pemetrrexed/cisplatin. Does anyone have this treatment. If so what side effects should I expect and did it work. Thanks

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I am sorry to hear that the immunotherapy is no longer working for you. I have attached a link to Cancer Research UK for information on Pemetrexed and Cisplatin .You may not have all the side effects and the severity varies from person to person. Your doctor can give you some medications which will to help control some of the side effects.

All the very best as you start your course of chemotherapy.

Kind regards,

From all the support team at the 'Ask the nurse Helpline'

Hi Crafty57 sorry to hear your immunotherapy didn't work. However they are quickly putting you on another treatment I'm sending you best wishes. I'm not on that combination but hopefully someone on here has and can advise. My thoughts are with you xx

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Crafty57 in reply to Ollie13

Thank you x

Hi yes I was on both treatments with immuno I’m still on permetrex and immuno side effects thrush mouth weak tired pain back and shoulder but everyone is different you could sail through it let us know how get on good luck xxx

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Crafty57 in reply to Red58

Yes I will thank you for your reply xx

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