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When are scans carried out?

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Had 3 cycles of Chemo, told things were going better than expected, 60% plus reduction seen on scan. Advised to have 3 more chemo cycles to reduce more before starting Radiotherapy.

But no mention has been made about another scan.

Would have thought one would have been set up before Radiotherapy starts.

Comments please

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Hi Beatless so pleased to hear you've seen such a big reduction - you must be delighted 👏.

In our case, scans were after every 2 cycles of treatment (so every 6 weeks) when on chemo + immuno. Now the chemo is dropped, they've been reduced to every 9 weeks. If things continue to be stable, they'll be reduced to every 12 weeks. Really hoping so!Sorry, I can't give any insight into how radiotherapy affects scan timings as it wasn't an option for us.

Best, Sarah

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Beatless in reply to sassassas

Thanks for your reply, yes I am pleased. But I'm a very inquisitive person & would just love to know the additional shrinkage after another 3 cycles of Chemo.

I know it would not chance the plan that Oncologist has set up, but it encourage me greatly.

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Hi,What great news!

You should discuss the timings of the scans with the oncologist managing your care. I

have attached a couple of links (see page 25 in both chemotherapy and radiotherapy booklets).



Kind regards,

All the support team at the Ask the nurse helpline

Thanks for the links, great stuff

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