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Some helpful advice

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My husband has been diagnosed with lung cancer at a very advanced stage which is also in his chest and lymph nodes diagnosed late February and been told there is no cure he is currently receiving 12 days of radiotherapy in to his gullet which is definitely taking its toll on him. With a bone scan also due in 2 weeks as possibly also in his bones over a year ago he was diagnosed with prostate cancer which with only 2 weeks of radiotherapy it had to be stopped due to heart failure. It seems one thing after another and is utterly heart wrenching watching a 63 year old man who 1 year ago could of ran a marathon to now is struggling to get around and is complaining about a terrible pain top of leg threw every cream etc to his leg to no avail time to see Dr tomorrow. Any advice or tips are most welcome he is also receiving palliative care

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Dear Bai72

Welcome to the forum and so sorry to hear about your husband. This must be such a challenging and distressing time for you all.

Hope the Doctor tomorrow will reassess his pain management and your husband will get effective pain relief. The palliative care team are a great source of advice and support for both your husband and yourself.

If you feel at any time that the pain is unbearable, you could call NHS 24 on 111 for advice.

Radiotherapy can certainly take a lot our of you with extreme tiredness and fatigue, but with time settles down.

This link will take you directly to our information booklets:

Hope you will find support and encouragement from others in the forum, and if you would like to discuss anything you can either email us at or our free phone nurse led helpline is open tomorrow - Thursday 0900-1700 and Friday 0900-1600

Look after yourself and hope you have plenty of support.

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team

Hi there how is your husband? Did he manage to complete his radiotherapy and how are you managing. It is do difficult watching a fit man affected by this disease

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Bai72 in reply to Bettyblue54

Things have progressed unfortunately the cancer has now spread to the bones and today we found out there is a large tumour in the pelvic area. Along with a broken pelvis he has been in absolute agony for 6/8 weeks so now he is going to hospice to have his pain under control. This is a living nightmare. How are you doing x

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Bettyblue54 in reply to Bai72

I am so sorry to hear this. My husband died 3 weeks ago . His lung cancer had spread to his liver and we could no longer manage his pain at home . Rest assured that the hospice will get his pain under better control and make him as comfortable as possible. It is so, so hard watching someone you love suffer with this disease. How are you managing?

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Bai72 in reply to Bettyblue54

Iam utterly heart broken just about getting through each day as we try to process this new blow I've started having awful panic attacks which are horrendous. But we will keep fighting tooth and nail. Iam so sorry about your husband so sad this awful disease 😢

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Bettyblue54 in reply to Bai72

Just checking in to see how you are managing. Has your husband got a bed in the hospice? I am sure they will help his pain, they were amazing with my husband which gave me some comfort as I knew he was getting the best care possible.

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Bai72 in reply to Bettyblue54

Yes he is going to hospice this morning where I know he will receive excellent care we have a hospice nurse who comes to the house.hopefully his pain eases and I can have him back home

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