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Cycle challenge


After having a right lower lobectomy in May this year I am recovering well

During this lock down I decided to try & raise money for Roy Castle foundation I'm doing okay & can manage 20kms a day 👍 hoping to get to 500kms.

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That’s amazing! Well done. I miss cycling so much

Blackkeys in reply to Debs0768

Thanx debs0768, cycling gives us so much freedom, im sorry 2 hear u r no longer able 2 cycle.

Take care

Well done. I've just had my left lower lobe removed and just returned back to running. It's tough but we'll get there.😁

Hi another bad name, thanx 4 that, the cycling is definitely helping with my lung capacity 👍

Good luck with your running 🤞take care

Looking good Blackkeys!! I can't have surgery but my cancer is being well controlled with Immunotherapy and chemo. I've returned to running/walking and getting better all the time - although I'm resigned to no longer coming first in my age group at the local Park Run (when they start up again!!). It is reassuring to be back exercising again - well done to you, keep it up. What's next? Tour de France!! Mags x

Thanx magstherunner ❤️Hope that your feeling okay with the chemo & immunotherapy 🤞

Keep up your exercise it definitely makes you feel better 👍

Tour de France here I come 2021 🤣

That’s fantastic, good luck with your challenge! I also had lower right lobectomy in May followed by chemotherapy. I’m running/shuffling for lung cancer awareness during November. Keep peddling! 😃

Blackkeys in reply to Mogs2

Hi mogs2 thanx 4 ur support ❤️ I'm feeling really well & my lung capacity is defo improving with each cycle 👍 love the running/shuffling you are doing 4 lung cancer awareness ❤️ keep going & fingers 🤞u continue to improve.Best wishes



Dear BlackkeysWhat an inspiration and all your fundraising is very much appreciated, especially during the pandemic.

Hope you continue to be well.

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team

Well done - so inspiring. I increased my swimming after my lobectomy in Dec 2010 to raise money and went onto swim much further than I ever had before (max 160 lengths but used to do 130 several times a week) and increased it to 360 in a single session, more than 200 regularly and 980 miles in 2012 and 989 in 2013. I found it very motivating to keep going regularly to raise funds in memory of a dear friend and for such a good cause. also made me feel much better and recover and improve my overall lung health - can't wait for pools to reopen as had managed 130 the night before lockdown 2 (had a chest infection in Jan) after building up distance between Feb when March lockdown hit. much better for your lung development to keep active - so for now walking has to be it - you're a wonderful inspiration. keep it up.

Hi janetteR57, thanx 4 that & yes I agree that by making our bodies do some form of exercise, I think we can take back some control of whatever damage has been caused by disease 🤔

I love 2 swim also, I'm pretty positive we can get back 2 our regular regimes pretty soon 🤞

Keep well


Well done on your challenge,sounds like you are doing really well with your recovery x

Hi becky130777 thanx for that, I consider myself lucky as my cancer was diagnosed early & there was no spread to lymph nodes, also no further treatment needed after my op 👍 good luck to you with your n treatment & recovery ❤️Maddy

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