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We are aware that some people are finding the current guidelines a bit difficult to interpret. We do know that covid 19 is primarily affecting the respiratory system, so those that have had lung surgey or lung treatment including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapies and immunotherapy and those with lung cancer should think about including themselves in the vulnerable category. Even if you are feeling fit and healthy, we do know that those that have had lung surgery, treatment and that have lung cancer are more prone to chest infections that may or may not require hospital treatment.

Guidance is currently changing daily and we are paying close attention to it so we can best advise patients and families dealing with lung cancer treatments.

we as a charity are in the process of setting up home working as per government guidance, so our ask the nurse service and healthunlocked will be running throughout this period. So please use us if you have any questions or need to chat

Our Ask the Nurse service can be reached on 0800 358 7200 or email

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Thank you all x

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