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Immunotherapy - small cell lung cancer

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Hello there!

My mum has just completed her 6 cycle of chemo for smcl. Has anyone heard of any trials or immunotherapy that is treating this too? Just wondering what next options may be.

Thanks x

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I’ve found 2 immunotherapy trials in the UK. At this time only one is recruiting but that may change as the studies expand. Do let her oncologist know that she is interested in future participation.

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Emkins in reply to Denzie

Thanks so much for letting me know. Very helpful indeed :-)

They saying in the US, I’ll keep investigating. Thanks again x

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Denzie in reply to Emkins

The second is being done at 95 locations world wide. If you open the link and scroll down you’ll see the first is taking place at these 5 locations

The Royal Marsden HospitalRecruiting

London, United Kingdom, SW3 6JJ

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation TrustRecruiting

London, United Kingdom, SW3 6JJ

Sarah Cannon Research Institute UKRecruiting

London, United Kingdom, W1G 6AD

The Harley Street ClinicRecruiting

London, United Kingdom, W1G 7LJ

The Harley Street ClinicRecruiting

London, United Kingdom, W1G 8PP

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Denzie in reply to Emkins

The first one is being done at 185 institutions worldwide. These are the UK locations

Truro, Cornwall, United Kingdom, TR1 3LJ

Local Institution

London, Greater London, United Kingdom, NW1 2PG

Local Institution

London, Greater London, United Kingdom, SW3 6JJ

Local Institution

Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, OX3 7LJ

Local Institution

Sutton, Surrey, United Kingdom, SM2 5PT

Local Institution

Sheffield, United Kingdom, S10 2SJ

Local Institution

Wirral, United Kingdom, CH63 4JY

Contact the Roy Castle Foundation and they’ll help guide you to a clinical trial.

Hi again Emkins, My wife has the same and now they are doing Radiotherapy. 20 sessions in total.

God Bless

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Emkins in reply to Babydolltina


That’s great news, is that because the tumour has shrunk? My mum couldn’t have radio before, but we are waiting on scans to see if she can. I just thought immunotherapy would be good too.

How is your wife doing?


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Babydolltina in reply to Emkins

Hi Emkins sorry for the late reply to your last message. Yes her tumor has shrunk from a Golf Ball size to just a Boil. They said the chemo had been reduced but they had lied and kept up with the full strength just so my wife would carry on with it.

Things are looking a bit better.

God Bless to your Mom. She will get there.

This is fantastic thank you x

Dear Emkins

It may be worth asking the lung cancer specialist nurse or Oncologist if there are any current trials in the Hospital where your Mum has been treated, that she may be considered for.

This link form Cancer Research UK will take you to the open trials for lung cancer, the list is frequently updated as new trials come in:

The other link is the same trial that Denzie has found, this one is also listed in the NIHR (National Institute for Health Research):

If you wish to discuss anything you can call us on our Freephone nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200

All the very best for your Mum

The Roy Castle Support Team

Iam on pembro now for a year they gave me 6 month to live been alive a year and still got another year on this drug

Nobody can honestly say how long people have - I've met patients who were given less than 6 months yet survived 4 years 4 months and almost 5 years on new agents and when one stopped working, another had come into practice. Many are living for years with the new combination treatments. Clearly if somebody doesn't take treatment and gives up then that's a different matter but there is always hope as there are so many treatments in development around the world. The aim is to get lung cancer to a chronic condition state - i.e. treatable but not curable for those where a curative treatment is unavailable. A few years ago AIDs/HIV was viewed as 'the end' by those who developed it yet now the majority survive with the correct medication. Even 3 years ago, immunotherapy was not a standard treatment and very few benefitted. Things change all the time. Keep the faith and good luck.

the majority of trials are for non small cell lung cancer but I have been in discussions at meetings with NCRI where small cell trials are mentioned and on occasion, suggestion of developing a lung matrix type trial aimed at small cell cancer but I don't yet think this has been funded. Ask your medical center/clinic what they can access and also advise if you're willing to travel to another center as not all trials are open in all places. good luck.

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