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Lobectomy middle and bottom lobe right lung.r 5 days

Hi Everyone, I had surgery on March 17th to remove large cancer tumour from middle lobe of right lung they also had to take most of the bottom lobe as well. I had a pretty rough time for a while morphine didn't work on me so ended up having morphine substitute, ketamine, and four other drugs to help with pain.I stayed in high dependency for 5 days the icu then back to the ward where I started to slowly recover. also had a mini trach in my throat to help me cough, and 2 pints of blood because of anaemia Six weeks on i feel so much better the pain has really lessened. I saw the surgeon on Fri. May 1st, 2015

He said the tumour was quite big and it was all cancer what he got out. I need ct scan next month then I will be referred to an Oncologist. I thought I was dying in there everyone else seemed to be much better than I was BUT everyone recovers at a different pace.. I t took me a while but I got there in the end.

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Hello ILOU

Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your experience. It sounds like you had a rough ride through surgery and I hope you are recovering well. It can take time to recuperate and build up your stamina after intensive care, I hope the side effects have been manageable for you.

If you need any information or support do let us know, meanwhile I am sure forum members will share useful experiences and suggestions. Hopefully next month's scan and referral will give you further hope,

best wishes


on behalf of the Information & Support team


Hi Lorraine,

Thank You for your reply.


Hi ILOU, you certainly had a rough time of it lately, but glad that you are now recovering. Although it was tough, surgery is usually the best outcome. Please let us know how you get on with the oncologist and if he recommends adjuvant chemotherapy, probably Cistaplatin and Vinorolbene .



Hi Rab,

Thanks for your reply. I've no doubt you've been through all this yourself.

I'll let you know about the chemo as soon as I know.

Best Wishes, Irene.xx



I had my bottom lobe of right lung removed, I think 6 weeks is a bit of a turning point as mine was 6 weeks ago today, and each week I find I am feeling better than I did the week before. Realised that I have been going to bed a bit later each evening this last week and not feeling quite so sore by bed time, also not been any tears of frustration for at least 10days. Think we all expect too much of ourselves too soon and have to realise we have had major surgery on an organ that is working 24/7 while repairing itself. We have to be kind to ourselves.

Take Care



Hi Tina,

Thanks for your reply. Best Wishes<



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