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Need advice

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Hi, New to this group, I was diagnosed with lungs cancer November last year and nothing seems to be happening with treatment. I seem to have been forgotten, I am so worried that it is going to be to late. What can I do to help me get treatment and are there any treatments out their that are better than others.

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Hi there tpau, It does seem odd that no one has informed you of what the next step is.

If you have a lung cancer nurse specialist then it might be worth contacting him/her.

The other alternative is to phone the Roy Castle Lung cancer nurse specialist on


They should be able to advise you. :) x

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Dear tpau

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis, it is unusual not to have any follow up. Do call the Lung cancer nurse specialist or your GP today if possible. If you do not have the specialist nurse telephone number the Hospital switchboard should be able to put you through.

If you know of the name of the Consultant you saw , you can call the Hospital and ask to speak to their secretary to see if an appointment has been arranged for you.

Our Freephone nurse helpline number is 0800 358 7200 if you wish to discuss anything.

All the very best

The Roy Castle Support Team

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Where were you diagnosed and by whom? Was it a hospital, an emergency department or a GP? There are very different treatments for lung cancers (there are several types) and many are targeted based on detailed diagnostic tests (including imaging and biopsy) usually obtained before any treatment is decided upon. Treatments vary dependent on the type, stage, where the tumour is, the health of the patient (i.e. any other conditions) and often a combination of treatments is given (tri-modality - surgery, chemotherapy/radiotherapy) and now immunotherapy is also in the mix. You need to contact wherever it was that told you that you had cancer to follow up. If you had a letter from a consultant from the hospital, there should be a telephone number for a secretary or call centre so suggest you start there. Good luck.


Get in touch with your hospital straight away. This does seem odd. Hope all goes well

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Don't let it go you need to find out why you've. Not had a return appointment and if they don't seem to know. I would definitely get a second opinion. Don't let it go any longer I've never heard of such stupidity from. Dr's. Have they told you anything how bad it is what stage it is. You need to change Dr's and be doing now

Do not wait any longer that's not a good Dr

You should have seen a oncologist to find what stage and treatments. I sure wouldn't see that Dr again. He's playing with your life now please find another Dr. He shouldn't be a Dr you don't mess with him. I have never heard of such stupidity from a Dr. Please let me know or I will worry I'm on the US. Love susiejo1948



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