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EBUS Results

Good Morning all. I had a PET Scan EBUS on 13th June. Results on 22nd June. The tiny growths were not cancer returning, so I am still clear. They are new granulomas forming. Which are benign Sarcoidosis, a condition I have actively lived with for many years with no treatment thankfully. I would rather it had stayed dormant, however It’s better than cancer.

Ps I forgot to mention to the kind people on forum information about medical insurance. I just had normal holiday insurance due to being cancer free after lobectomy, no spread or metastasis and never had treatment. I Have always admitted to sarcoidosis on any forms, no extra charge. My Son sorted it out for me and paid for us both.

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Hi Daisy47

Still clear cancer free is excellent. Can you tell me which medical insurance you used? I have looked at so many although my lobectomy did spread to the brain.

Best wishes



I'm glad to see your still hear haven't been on here for a whle you gave me advice when my husband had lung cancer twice then having brain mets but sadly he passed a way .4 months after it went to his brain .so it's lovely to see peaple can have positive results and can live a good life .Hope you have many many more years to come .take care xx carol


Hi, hedgehoggy. Thank you for replying. I am sorry it has spread to your brain. I hope you are having treatment for it.

Also worth trying holistic and dietary therapies, with medical permission.

AXA insurance is the one my son uses for holidays. Prices differ for different places. We had cover for medical and travel. Not sure of cost because he paid but it but it’s more expensive than Europe.

I looked up sites recommended but as I no longer had cancer and didn’t need chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, or any treatment, the sites didn’t respond to answers of No. So I can go as an ordinary traveller. My bank card allowed holiday insurance but as as I am now 70!

I think it has expired.

Many blessings.



Hi hedgehoggy. I've just read this comment when reading these posts. I used MIA insurance when I sorted out insurance for my mum who has NSCLC stage IV so is metastatic (however not to the brain). They were excellent they treat every cases on an individual basis and must say they were very cheap at just over £200 for a week's European cover (considering others had quoted £1000's). Hope this info helps.



Thanks KM.

That is a really good price from my resesrch.

Thank you



What wonderful news hope you had a lovely holiday it's nice to hear positive story's x Carol


Great to read positive news. Hope you've celebrated! x


Hi JanetteR57. Thank you for replying. I am very happy. Sarcoidosis is the lesser of the 2 evils. It can grow on any organ, affect the joints, eyes, and cause fatigue. It’s slow growing and most symptoms can be the like the ageing process. It can be dangerous it grows on the heart but it’s rare. I know I am very lucky to be rid of the cancer, the cyst and the sarcoid from my Upper right lung in one operation. If only all cancers could do that, the World would be a better place.

PS I think you gave me insurance company

Names for holidays. I looked up on internet answered Yes for cancer but answered No to treatments for cancer, it wouldn’t let my forms for quotes go through. My mind wasn’t functioning. I seem more with it now.

Many blessings.🌻


Hi Daisy it is good to see you are better. My husband is receiving immunotherapy for a large lung cancer and we have been told it has disappeared. Apparently immunotherapy only works on 15 out of 100 so he is one of the lucky ones, but they are still keeping his treatment up.. His was a large cancer going onto his heart so couldn't be operated on, so we are keeping fingers and everything crossed. Best of luck to you


Dear Daisy

This is great news and thank you for sharing your encouraging experience.

All the very best

The Roy Castle Support Team


Hi team Thank you for reply. I hope that for everyone on here that they can be helped to find a way to deal with cancer and live in hope for a curable solution.


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