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Lung Cavity


Well my dad had other ct scan AND the cancer of the plaura had vanished.

Great news BUT am sure it’s not that great AS my dad as been discharged from oncologist WHY well I think it’s more to do with advanced diseases.

When doctor was telling me about dad’s cancer in plaura vanishing SHE was flipping through Lung CT images AND I seen biggest rankiest looking crusty lung cavity I have ever seen.

AM sure given size shape and sheer grossness THINGs are far from all clear.

Given my own immunity issues am sure test should be done to rule out other going’s on.

Anyway the duly discharged my dad saying he is going to be ill suffer infections and sleep a lot.

Pretty much like what is happing.

I guess am asking can lung cavities be cancerous AS where cavity is on my dad’s belly you can see white patch something that was not there before this cancer business.

Cheers thanks in advance

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