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Not great news

Hello All

Well not great news from my dad's specialist yesterday. My dad was due to try Navelbine chemo but due to his jaundice (he has lost 25% of his liver function due to this) he can't try this. We are devastated as it seems all hope is gone....just feel powerless. All I could do was order him some Liver Detox supplements as the oncologist said if he could improve his liver function he COULD have the treatment...I feel like we are clutching at straws though...he was so fit before all of this ....

Would appreciate any thoughts/ideas of what we could try....his liver results have improved over two weeks but not enough it would seem...

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Dear SJR43

First of all we apologise that you have not received a reply from Roy Castle, we endeavour to reply to all posts and am sorry for the delay in responding. How heartbreaking for you all in your Dad's current situation with his liver function levels.

It may be worth requesting to speak to a dietician (perhaps through your Dad's lung cancer specialist nurse) who may provide some guidance on specific dietary foods to boost liver function. I have placed a link below on websites dedicated to liver health and recommended diets:


Another website liver4life.org.uk provide information on liver health and if your Dad is not able to eat well, you may wish to consider providing the fruit and vegetable nutrients through a juicer. There is a book written by Jason Dale called "Keeping it simple" with juicing recipes and there is a specific section on liver health.

If you wish to discuss anything you can call us on our free nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200

All the bery best

The Roy Castle Support Team


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