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Liver lesions

Hi everyone,

Had mums review Thursday and although her lung cancer in her lung and lymph nodes remain stable, the latest CT showed liver lesions 2-3cm! I’ve read a 100 articles about survival rates and best forms of treatment and although the Marsden have suggested chemo to start Monday, it is now palliative chemo......breaks my heart!! I’m wondering if anyone has had this and whether the chemo worked and for how long, side effects and general well-being!! My mum has been dragged to hell and back and it’s heartbreaking to think it’s all been for nothing and now she is going to feel worse and have no quality of life!! I just love her so much and feel my world is coming to an end!! Sorry for the long post....xx

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All I can say to you is please do not read DR Google!!!

Most statistics are years old.

Treatment has moved on massively.

Has your Mum had tissue biopsies taken?

Could she not be a candidate for immunotherapy or targeted therapy?

I wish you and your Mum so much love and sending positive vibes.



Hi Leslie,

She hasn’t had a tissue biopsy, should they be doing that?! Only had a CT and they are doing a head CT Monday!

What they did say is they will start her on tablet chemo and then keep reviewing her, also if the chemo is making her ill or it isn’t working they will try other treatments.


Hi Leslie,

My mum was diagnosed at 77yrs with Neuroendocrine cancer Oct 13th 2017.

They said her lung cancer measured at near 1cm and it had travelled to her liver which was 4cm.

They discovered last week that it had also travelled to her hip bone.

But as she's already been undergoing both carboplatin and eptoside chemotherapy treatment they could see where the cancer in her hip bone had died and had caused lesions. This means that the bone was revealing itself.

We were at Broadgreen hospital on Friday and after just 2 cycles of chemotherapy, we were told that my mum's lung cancer had shrunk to 8 millimetres and her liver measurement had halved.

They had taken 3 liver biopsies in Sept last year for staining.

In the confusion I thought that this was for either immunotherapy or target treatment.

This was explained to me by the oncologist that as this was cancer Mets once it's in the liver they can't cure it but manage it.

They cannot use target therapy on this and with regards in immunotherapy it can be used if the cancer itself is hormone based. Ie if the cancer releases a hormone then after chemotherapy she would be given medication to alter the cancer.

They strongly suspect that this is not the case with my mum.

They have advised that she will have 2 x more cycles of chemotherapy and they will rescan to check how much more the cancer has shrunk.

My mum has been very ill after each chemotherapy cycle and ended up in hospital each time with suspected infections.

Even though we've wrapped her up in cotton wool.

Don't be alarmed by this as it's different for other people and how they tolerate the treatment.

My mum says the worst is the sickness and tiredness.

The cycles are supposed to be every 3 weeks but due to my mum's tolerance it's taking her longer to recover after each one.

The first in Oct took 7 weeks before she was strong enough to have her 2nd treatment.

She was due her 3rd 2 weeks ago but is still not strong enough for it.

She is currently on steroids for a week to build her up.

The oncologist advised that even though she's technically been allocated for 6 chemotherapy treatments she will probably only need another two.

The oncologist said on Friday that she will be strictly monitored and if the cancer stays the same size there happy but if it looks like it's starting to mutate then they have a bucket load of treatments they can use. Her words not mine.

The oncologist said that she wouldn't be offered more chemotherapy as the cancer can become resistant to it and of course the side effects aren't pleasant.

Leslie please remember that the treatment for cancer has excelled in the last couple of years. The oncologist informed me that last year alone 112 new treatments for cancers have been approved.

In my own experience with my mum it's not so much the cancer that held her back it was the side effects from the treatment but on the other hand it's working.

The only thing we've got is hope and where's there's life there's hope!

I've come to realise like everyone on this group it's a very hard and long journey with lots of ups and downs.

Breathe and take things slowly.

Stay away from the internet. I did and was worse for it.

It's very outdated.

Write all your questions and concerns down and discuss them with your mum's oncologist to get the correct facts and information.

Your both in my prayers x


Sorry to read about your mum but can only agree with all the advice given here. So much has happened in treatments, research, knowledge and options in the last 5 years alone even for cancers where previously there were very few options (small cell and mesothelioma included) and trials available in some places testing out more. Do not panic - I have met and continue to meet patients who are 'being managed' on treatments that even a few years ago, they would not have survived. Look at how far treatment for HIV and Aids has come, no longer a death sentence but a chronically managed condition with normal life span. One day, hopefully that will be the case for lung cancer and if smoking reduces, air quality improves and people take better care of their health alongside the breakthroughs and developments in new treatments, overall the outcome for patients will be much better. The statistics on the internet are out of date and are just that - statistics - averages, not individuals who may have different characteristics from the average. did you ever find a one sized garment that fit you? you were lucky if you did - far better to talk to your mum's oncologist about her specific situation and her overall health. there will be good days and bad and treatments (of all types) can knock people about (or not) but as long as you're there for your mum, that will count a lot. take care, good luck - this site and others are not clubs that any of us wanted to be members of, but we can offer moral support, thoughts and hopes.


Dear Saddolly. It’s a worrying time for both you and your Mum and Family.

I see that you have had very good information from your other replies. They understand better than google. As they are real People who can help you and each each other by sharing their knowledge with all of us.

I hope that the Medics can find a way to help your Mum.

Take care of yourself as well as your Mum. Ask for help and take it when offered.


Thank you all for your support and advice.......since she started treatment she has developed spleen and kidney infarcts blood clot in her heart! T2D......so fatigued, sickness she’s had AKI, sepsis and CDIFF, numerous hospital admissions.

She’s had every side effect going, although she has managed all 6 rounds! She’s unsure if she wants to go through that again and I honestly don’t blame her!!



So sorry to hear you and your mums story . All I can say is ... keep strong & never give up hope . One day at a time ... and try and enjoy each and every day with as many good / happy/ funny moments as possible in whatever form .

Sending big hugs to you both xx

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Thank you x x


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