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30 days

Hi my hubby was diagnosed with lung,liver,bone and spine cancer on the 27/0917 he died on 28/09/17 he only lasted 30 days from being diagnosed. Really can’t get our head around this. He was still working just felt tired went to docs they said he had pneumonia and did a chest X-ray. Then said he needed an urgent scan was done the same day. He was referred to oncologist straight away, i was still thinking he would get treatment, but wasn’t to be was told it was to far gone could only keep him comfortable. He went in to the hospice two days before he died. His oncologist and the doctor he saw in the hospice asked for a post-mortem to see if their was an underlying issue. So he has had that but won’t get results till December. Just feel so sad never imagined him not being here. Can’t imagine life without him.

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Please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your precious husband, I can't imagine how you are feeling as this illness progressed so rapidly. Hopefully you will get some answers from the investigations but that must be very hard to deal with. Please hold on to your precious memories they will help to guide you through the next few difficult months. My husband is currently in the hospice receiving end of life care, they are fantastic but I really would love to take him home. Take good care of yourself and please remember we are here to listen when you are feeling low xxx


hey Molly, i was so sad to read your post and cant imagine what you are going through mentally. It is difficult to process at anytime but you had such little time and that will be so tough to get through. I don't know what to say apart from just keep putting one foot in front of another and get through each hour each day and it will get better. You obviously loved him a great deal so cherish those memories and let them nourish you. There no denying the next few months will be the toughest ever but i am sure you can get through. I hope you have family friends to get you through this very difficult time. Thinking of you and sending much love xxxx


So sad to read this, nearly 3 years ago I lost my lovely dad, 6 weeks after being diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. They said he had 18 months....He was fine! just Had his second round of chemo, the next night he literally dropped down dead in my mams arms. It was so shocking,

Now my mam has Stage 4 lung cancer with mets . I'm absolutely worried sick about her, don't know how she is going to cope. Much luck and love to everyone affected xx


I am so sorry. My husband was stolen from me also. Complained of back pain for 3 months. They only did 2 sets of chest x rays that were negative. The dr didn't order further tests. I took him to ER & had cat scan. Was told in 10 mins he had Stage IV lung cancer. He died in 3 months & No One is held responsible!! No lawyer would even take the case!! I know exactly how you feel. It's so unimaginable. He was my everything. I love him more each day. Take care my love ♥️


Hi so sorry for your loss - I know how it feels. My poor mum was diagnosed on the Mon, we were told it had spread on the Sat & she passed away on the Sun evening - less than a week after being told it was cancer. This was in May and just 3 months after losing my dad, her husband. I was completely in shock for first couple of months, looking for answers but as time has gone on I’m finding the space to grieve & accept what has happened. I find comfort in knowing that she didn’t have to suffer for too long (although last couple of days were awful for her) and that at least we did have a little time to say things to each other although there is loads more I would have liked to say. Be kind to yourself and as time goes on you will find things that comfort you and make the days more bearable x


Dear Molly1959,

How very sorry we at the Roy Castle Helpline are to hear that your husband died so suddenly and unexpectedly. This must be a very sad time for you and those closest to you both. Somehow you will find the strength to get through this very sad and difficult time. Knowing that your friends in the community forum are here for you will hopefully be of solace to you.Please accept our sincere condolences.

All the team at Roy Castle Helpline


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