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My first time posting but just looking for any advice please,, ok so little back story I'm asthmatic and also told borderline COPD I'm 43 year old female and for my sins a smoker😟I lost my mom in January of this year to lung cancer but it wasn't picked up till 2 days before she passed docs kept saying that she had bad chest infection,, so now me,,, since February this year I've had recurrent chest infections 4 lots of antibiotics and 3 courses of steroids 2 chest X-rays which doctor says shows a large mass in left lung, I've just had a ct scan last week and waiting on results,, still having really bad bouts of shortness of breath which last 1-2 weeks then dye down a little still breathless but not too bad then back to really bad breathlessness,, just feeling lots of emotions at not knowing what's going on

Thanks for reading my long and probably not making sense post x

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  • Hello Nikkibelg,

    welcome to our online forum, this must be a very worrying time for you, especially as you have recently lost your mother to lung cancer. You have done the right thing by getting these symptoms investigated, now it is waiting for test results and naturally this will always cause anxiety, do you have anyone to support you. We have a nurse led helpline and would be happy to speak to you, it is a frephone number 0800 358 7200

    Kind regards

    Roy Castle Helpline

  • Hello Nikkibelg,

    Sorry about your mum and all your fears about your own situation. Not everyone has the outcome your mum sadly had so if you can, try not to fear the worst. It sounds as if they're doing all the right tests/investigations to determine your condition. Anxiety and fear can add to the breathlessness so better if you can, to try and distract yourself, relax, be pampered etc. I know that's hard especially as you're still grieving and can't help but link the symptoms. Deep breathing, relaxation might help.

    I also had asthma/hayfever throughout childhood and young adult life but for many years it had disappeared apart from a severe cat allergy which was under control. In Oct 2010, I went to A&E, very breathless and a lesion visible on chest x ray misdiagnosed due to my childhood asthma history. Anyway, long story short, lesion turned out to be a 'large mass' of a 7cm tumour removed along with half my left lung (upper lobe) in Dec 2010 and in Jan 2011, diagnosis was lung cancer. I was 52 and a never smoker - anyone can develop lung diseases. Not all tumours are malignant so as advised , better waiting for your own specific diagnosis from your doctor/medical team. I have experienced several major chest infections in the last year (twice being hospitalised - once for 14 nights) so understand your fear and anxiety. Wait and see…. thinking of you and wishing you all the best for your next appointment. There are plenty of people on here to support you whatever your outcome...

  • Hello Nikki, my advise if a mass has been found is for them to investigate. Push for the doctors to review and also if required they can request a biopsy which I know aren't pleasant but they can identify the mass that way. It could be related to the COPD but I wouldn't personally wait for the 'wait and sees I would push for answers.

  • Hello Nikkibelg. I am also new on here. Both my Parents were smokers! Dad died of lung cancer age 55 and Mum of COPD at 78. I have never smoked and I don't allow it in my home or car, but I had right upper lung lobe with cancer and cyst inside. So I am lucky that there was no cell leakage and lymph nodes were clear. Lately I have read in magazines about young Women who are fit and healthy looking non-smokers having lung cancer in their 20s and 30s. I don't blame smokers for me getting cancer. As there is a lot more causes in modern society and of course my own immune system. And smoking or not you deserve any treatment that you need and will get it. As the government and tobacco companies are raking in massive taxes from smokers, they are not going to stop producing. I hope all goes well for you and that you have family support, as you are still in the grieving stage since it was this year that your Mum died.

  • Thanks for all the reply’s 😊😊

    So an update I’ve had my scan results happily it’s not cancer,, but doctor says there is a lot of smoking related “things” then packed off on my way! I’m still very breathless,, I have a few good days then back to even worse,, I just feel as if my gp as sort off just decided oh it’s not lung cancer you can go away now,, feeling frustrated 🙈🙈

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