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Signing out

HI all lovely people ,I am now signing out in case things are grim ,well actually they are grim .Small brain tumour followed by ? Cardiac involvement after been admitted on wednesday with SVT ,hopeful its mechanical but mayb not .Heart beat everywhere meds galore awaiting mri to define ,whilst waiting I have noticed a few other things finger and toe clubbing like in the beginnning,constantly tight chest numb from the knees down and this feeling I am on my way even with a 3 week wait for steriiotactic brain surgery whoopie do.Hopeful plans but no hope ,steroid crackers again trying to play the game.So I am signing out and wish to say good luck and thanks for all the support you guys have given me over the last two years I will consider all option fights but not sure they will work this time .Just feel its done doctors don,' t know this gut stuff.signing out with love.

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Diane i am sitting in my bed trying hard to think of the right stuff to say to you and failing miserably. I have no idea what your dealing with and i have no great words of wisdom for you on how you cope with this beast right now . Diane i have hope for you and will keep you in my thoughts ,i pray treatment works on all counts and that this darkness lifts , that you find comfort and peace in the days ahead , Diane my sincere and best wishes to you always.


Jane x

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Nothing much to say really but thanks ,it just feels done to me.Good luck with your fight keep going.


I too am struggling in how to say anything. But you sound so very low, is there anyone you can talk to apart from people on here. Please go to your GP today and tell them how you feel. Just so you know my brain met was treated successfully with the treatment you are having. please please talk to some one but we are always here to support you xx



Hi Diane

Really sorry to read your message. I do hope that your treatment starts quickly and they get all your symptoms identified and under control. Sometimes the not knowing and waiting is the hardest part. Do try to keep optimistic and as the others have suggested is there someone you can chat to? Local Macmillan nurse or lung cancer nurse specialist? RCLCF also have their helpline and may be able to give you some additional support.

Sending you lots of love and will be thinking about you 💕


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Hi Diane

My message did not send to you so here it is again.

Never say Never. I am a very opomistic lady and I'm sending you strength and to be optomstic about your treatment . Doctors can do wonders these days.

Thinking of you and sending you positive thoughts, love and everything else and expect to see you back on the forum at a later date.

Best wishes

Hoggy xx

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Hello diane55, it sounds as though you have a lot of things to deal with at the moment, the not knowing what is causing the SVT and what treatment will be offered will be difficult. The hardest part is dealing with the unknown once the cause of the SVT is identified and treatment started you will start to feel more positive about the future.

As others have advised it is important not to feel alone, is there someone you can talk to and share your worries with, the lung cancer specialist nurse will know your details and can offer support or your Gp can also help. Some people find that talking to others who have been on a similar journey is helpful, there may be a local lung cancer support group near to you below is a link to local groups from our website

If you would like to discuss anything you can call us on our free nurse led telephone helpline on 0800 358 7200

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team


I am sorry if you are going by gut instincts...

Drs will do their very best to do the opposite...

Positive mind gives a positive out look... yes if pain has an Impact it affects alot of things...

Being strong mentally is determination.,

Only you know what you are going through, only you know your will power...

But when things are happening and you feel it's out of your control... only you know best...

Unsure where you live... but has anyone ever mentioned oasis of hope, in Mexico?

This seems to be the place to be when Drs say nothing else we can do...

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Hello Diane, Jules here.

Dont think we have 'chatted' before.

I can not begin to imagine how low you must be feeling, or what you are having to cope with.

But, please speak to someone - like one of the nurses - or stay in touch with these truely lovely group of people on this forum.

You have many friends here that will understand what you are facing a lot more than me - i just needed to add my voice in reply to what was such a very sad post.

Kindest regards to you Diane



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I'm sorry to here things don't seem good for yu right now, but please don't give up, and talk to yr GP and explain how yr feeling. Wishi yu well x


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