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Nervous daddies girl

hi. Nervous about this. Doing this for my dad. He's 76 & not very good on computers. His story is he collapsed early January had chest x ray because I mentioned he had a cough for months. On his X ray they found a massive mass (11.5cm). He's had Ct scans biopsy and 2day went for biopsy results to be til the tissue they had has died so need to do 2nd biopsy. The consultant said it is cancer but not to sure what type. He's lost half a stone since January. Very breathless and very tired. I feel scared (I'm a daddies girl). I have a 6yr old son asking what's wrong with his baps. Sorry for babbling. Vxx

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I am really sorry to hear your news. There is nothing I can say to make you feel any better other than please try and stay positive. Hopefully someone will come on with more information. Babble all you want there is probably no where else you can do that other than on here or the Macmillan forum. If it makes you feel better then do it. Other people don't always understand.

Mine was diagnosed 2 years ago as stage 4 and I am still here so that is a positive. They had trouble get a biopsy off myself at the time.

Keep us updated on what is happening and what his results are. I don't have young children who need to know what is going on so I can't advice but keep it as truthful as possible. Again hopefully someone will respond.

Take car, hugs across the ether.



Hi vister831

Sorry to hear of your Dad illness. It can be such a distressing time for everyone, but more so when all the information is not be available, i.e. type of cancer and what treatment will be involved.

Knowing the type of cancer will direct the course of treatment, when is your Dad having his second biopsy?

Does your Dad have a lung cancer specialist nurse (if not you can request one from the specialist, as they are a valuable source of information and support.)

The forum is a great place of encouragement as you can see form JeanneLe reply.

We have lots of information on our website including managing breathlessness, e.g breathing exercises and how to control your breathing. You can also request a booklet to be sent out to you from the website.

It may be helpful while your Dad is waiting for his biopsy to discuss his breathlessness and any other symptom with his GP.

Depending on your local area there may be a Maggies Centre attached to your Dads Hospital, they can provide information on benefits, nutrition and therapists.

We have a free nurse led helpline if you wish to discuss anything with us 0333 323 7200

All the best

The Roy Castle Support Team


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