The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

Feeling slightly worried now

Had to see a Radiologist this morning after my CT scans on head abdomen and chest - !st time I've ever seen on my journey with lung cancers. They saw something on my head scan which caused them some worry. Eventual outcome was I didn't need to be hospitalised, but given the past history of my medical history they would send an urgent note to my Oncologist for when I next see him in 2 weeks time. There was no sign of cancer in my glands and lungs which I suppose is good news, seeing as I have been off chemotherapy for over a year.The only symptons I have is a slight numbness in the right hand upper and lower lips which occasionally stretches up to my nose and constant tingling in the extremities of my r/h fingers and noticed I've lost about 3 kilos sice early December. Funnily enough, I got a Facebook reminder that today was 3 years since we came back from Crete with a letter to urgently see my GP! Anyway, I hope you all had a good Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year


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