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Lunation - a soy peptide - does anybody know of this?


As I stated in my “New Here” email I was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer a few months ago. I am currently taking Iressa. A friend has recommended taking “lunasin. a soy peptide”. She has a friend with Stage 4 lung cancer that was doing poorly but improved greatly when she started taking lunasin. She gave me the following links for information:

I asked my oncologist about this and he had a pharmacist research it. The pharmacist did not find any specific data on possible Iressa/lunasin interactions. But based on data from how many drugs interact with soy products he recommended not taking the lunasin. So for now I am not.

So have anybody else heard of lunasin? Is anybody taking it? Do others know of reasons not to take it?

Thank You for any information or insights you may have on this type supplements.


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Hi Suttong

Welcome to the forum. Your request is interesting and the web links that you have provided.

It is great that you have sourced information from your Oncologist which is what we would have advised.

Our free nurse led helpline number is 0800 358 7200

We wish you all the best

The Roy Castle Support Team


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