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Radical radiotherapy - any uplifting stories?

Mum was diagnosed at stage 3B and has started chemo (Cisplatin + Vinorelbine). Been offered to add radical radiotherapy as a concurrent treatment - 33 sessions over 6.5 weeks. Onc seems pessimistic saying it's palliative (I can only assume because of the stage?), but from what I've read this treatment has curative intent. Hoping and praying for an outstanding response. Would really appreciate hearing people's experiences with similar treatment

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If possible do radiation therapy after you've had all your chemotherapy treatments. It will reduce the number of long term side effects.


Hello GH86,

the response to these treatments will vary from person to person, when you speak with the oncologist they will give you a realistic opinion on what they expect the outcome to be, however it is not until the treatment is finished your mums response to it can be fully assessed. It is important for you and your mum to stay positive during the treatment, Do you have support from a Lung cancer specialist nurse ? or local support group. Many on this community have been through similar treatments and I am sure will share their experiences with you.

If you wish to speak with someone or if we can be of any help please call on our fee phone helpline 0800 358 7200

Kind regards Roy Castle helpline


This is the treatment I had. I had very little side effects. I was told yesterday that tumours had shrunk by more than half. (6cm tumour in right lung, and two lymph node that were 2cm). They are so pleased with me that they are now willing to do surgery. I am waiting for an appointment with surgeon. They said the treatment was curative initially and it may well. E that all the cancer is already killed due to the treatment. Everyone reacts differently to chemo but they must believe your mum is strong enough to endure this treatment - wishing all the best to you and your mum x


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