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12 Days 3 times a day

I am going into Mount Vernon Hospital staying in CHART Lodge very soon to have 12 days of Radiotherapy 3 times a day to treat my T1AN2MO Lung Cancer and Lymph Nodes.

Can anyone give me any information on this treatment i.e side effects etc.

I am very positive as is my family, and can't wait to get the treatment over and done with I then have to have a heart bypass and new valve fitted, good bye 2016 I hope it's welcome 2017

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Hello busterbill,

Welcome to the forum, many of the people on this community have been through similar treatments and experiences which I am sure will give you valuable first hand information. Below I have added a link to cancer research uk which gives a very good explanation on what to expect during radiotherapy and includes various other links to managing any side effects etc.

It sounds as though you have had a rough year, as you say it is important to stay positive as you travel though this journey. It is good to hear that you have a supportive family with you.

If you need to speak to anyone or have any questions please give us a call on our free-phone helpline 0800 358 7200

Kind regards Roy Castle Helpline

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Hi my mum had the same radiotherapy treatment the 12 days at 3 a day. Cancer was the same as yours as well. She was fine getting the radiotherapy. the only thing she had problems with was her swallowing. But the hospital gave her stuff to help. She was back last week for a check up. And the radiotherapy has worked. So hope this will help you. Good luck.

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Hi I had my treatment which was painless with no side effects apart from tiredness, however I understand you can get side effects up to 4 weeks after treatment so far I have a slight sore throat and thats it, so fingers crossed all ends well, and good bye to cancer.


Hello busterbill,

It is good to hear that your treatment is now over and with only minimal side effects, hopefully your recovery continues.

if you would like to speak with someone we have a free nurse led helpline on 0800 358 7200

Kind regards

Roy Castle Helpline


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