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New Travelling and going on holiday booklet

Hello everyone

I am in the final stages of getting this exiting new booklet ready to go to the design process and am keen to get some great holiday photographs to place through it.

So, I am looking for your best shots! They'd need to be nice and sharp, and represent some aspect of travelling or being on holiday: sipping a cool drink by the pool; settling into your airline seat ready for take off; walking along a railway platform with your luggage; enjoying the local cuisine; you enjoying a beautiful landscape; view from the cross channel ferry... the possibilities are endless.

The best thing to do would be to email me your photos to me at:

If we want to put your photo in the booklet, we'd need to get your written permission, and I'll send you a short form to fill in.

I'm looking for a cover image and probably eight others to place throughout the text.

Thank you very much... I am looking forward to seeing your suggestions.

Best wishes


Information Officer

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