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New Roy Castle booklets - can you help?

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Hello. I am the Information Officer at Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and I am working on two new booklets:

- Understanding bone metastases and lung cancer, and

- Immunotherapy for lung cancer

We like to put supportive quotes in our booklets to help others going through similar treatments or living with the aspect of lung cancer covered by the booklet, in this case, bone metastases or immunotherapy treatment.

You could help by giving answers to a few brief questions about various aspects of the contents from which I can create quotes to help people going through what you went through. We are often told that these personal touches make all the difference for some people.

If you want to help, please message me here, or email me directly, with your email and I'll be in touch with you.

Thank you.

Best wishes

Graeme Henderson, Information Officer

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I could help as I have lung cancer and I had immunotherapy, pembrolizumab.

Hi Graeme

I have stage 4 NSCLC with bone metastases and have been on immunotherapy for just over a year now. I would be really happy to help you in any way I can.

Kind regards


Graeme happy to help on immunotherapy.

Pressed too soon! Been receiving immunotherapy since last November. Stage IV NSCLC brain and adrenal mets.


I have had 25 sessions of immunotherapy. Happy to help.

I am about to complete two years of immunotherapy for my lung cancer.

I see my consultant on 15th July for feedback on my recent CT scan.

I am happy to discuss my treatment.


I am happy to help. I have lung cancer with bone metastases and have been on pembrolizumab since December 2017. I was diagnosed in February 2016.

My partner fits your requirements, unfortunately, so I will be happy to answer any questions on her behalf.

Thanks everyone. I appreciate your replies. I'll be in touch with you directly very soon once i have some questions prepared.


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