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Looseing hope

Hi all Bill now been out of hospital over a week the pain in his back not getting any better stopped oramorph as he didn't like side effects (severe constipation) so sticking to ibuprofen and paracetamol and cannibis oil appt with hospital next Thursday dreading it as don't think much more they can do.Bill getting weaker its heart breaking seeing him in so much pain. We set out on this roll at coaster journey at Christmas with hope but this last few week have lost it.

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I am so sorry to hear this. Bill and you have been through so much during the last five months.

It would be time now to call in the Hospice team. It is important to see that he gets the most pain relief.


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I'm so sorry to hear your news , it's heartbreaking when you can't help the person you love . Stay strong .




I'm so sorry to read that Bill is suffering with pain and agree wholeheartedly with Peters comment about getting the hospice team involved. I'm sure they could come up with a plan to keep him pain free and bowels moving. My dear husband Neil was taken very quickly by his lung cancer and my deepest regret is that we never got on top of his pain. (Mainly because we expected him to survive far longer than he did and he desperately wanted to keep some pain relief 'in reserve' in case things got really bad :(

This is an awful time for you both. I wish you well

x Netty x


so sorry to hear this news so difficult to know what to do stay strong

you are in my prayers Jeaniexx


I agree with other replies. The Mac Millan Nurses and District Nurses plus hospice will be able to help with pain and constipation. Please consider getting in touch with them. They are used to supporting people in your husbands situation and will keep trying different solutions until they find one that works. I have personally found the Mac Millan Nurses, District Nurses and Hospice Consultant very good at helping me to manage pain and constipation.

Very best wishes


Can only echo what the others say....please call in the hospice team who are remarkable....sadly my late wife never got the chance to go but I've seen them at work and urge you to call them...if i could suggest more i awful time for you both..we are here if you need to rant . x


Hi Newby,

I am sorry Bill is still experiencing pain and constipation.It is really important to speak to the doctors at the clinic tomorrow about this.Please ask your GP(or Oncologist) to have someone visit you at home specifically for pain assessment( although they will carry out a full assessment of Bill's needs at the same time). This could be for example either the Mc Millan Nurse or district nurse attached to his GP practice.

It would be helpful for Bill to describe the pain as best as he can for (for example, stabbing burning,shooting). There are several different types of pain and different drugs are used depending on the description ,location and severity of the pain.Pain relieving medications can also be given in a variety of different ways.The nurses will ask Bill what makes his pain worse or better, and if it affects his sleep and they will review his medication regime depending on what the specific characteristics of his pain are.

Kind regards,


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