There is hope!

I am writing this to give hope to all those diagnosed with lung cancer and they cannot have surgery so must rely on chemo and radiotherapy.

On May 6th 2014 I was diagnosed with stage one lung cancer. The diagnosis was NSCLC T1A N2 M0 for those of you who find this useful. So I had one tumour and it had spread to 2 lymph nodes. I was told that my best chance of a cure was to be treated very, very aggressively, and I accepted this and went ahead.

My treatment started in June. I had Radiotherapies and chemotherapies together at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre - I was treated with cistplatin and Vinorelbine and it made me very poorly indeed and at one point I vomited for 9 days consecutively! I don't want to be too graphic here as it can be frightening to those already scared but the fatigue, illness, and pain is something that only those who have undergone the same thing will understand........but........

On 11th February this year my oncologist said 'We have scanned your entire body and can now find no evidence of disease'.

The people I have met on this terrible journey have without exception been wonderful. Always cheerful, professional, and supportive. I am so grateful to live in a country where I can be treated like this and to have met the people I did.

Of course it can come back, I know that, but at the moment I do NOT have cancer!

If at any time I can help anyone in this community please just message me. There is hope, and this is my reason for writing this post.

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  • Hi tilstongirl,

    It is great to read your good news this morning,when you are told that you are NED the relief is indescribable.


  • Thank you for this. I was out pushing my granddaughter in the sunshine - what joy!

  • I too have travelled the lung cancer road. Thankfully I too have been given the all clear, but like you say it's there at the back of mind ready to pop out anytime. I will be thinking of you each time the specialist says everything is A OK.


  • Thank you for this. I was out pushing my granddaughter in the sunshine - what joy!

  • Thank you for posting this. It is so encouraging to hear that you received first class treatment from such a professional team. Guidelines have been put in place to ensure that everyone receives the recommended treatment pathway, relevant to their own tumour type and stage. Unfortunately not everyone is able to achieve a disease free status, however, improved management and earlier palliative care, means that patients can have a better quality of life, for longer.

    Best wishes,

    Beth, on behalf of information and support

  • Thank you for this. I was out pushing my granddaughter in the sunshine - what joy!

  • Thank you for this. I was out pushing my granddaughter in the sunshine - what joy!

  • Thank you so much for posting this, my family have been down the road of lung cancer three times, the first two was stage 4 but today we found out that this member of my family is stage one which is a welcome relief. At the moment they are going to operate but there is a chance my Uncle will not be able to cope with part of his lung being taken away because of other existing conditions. The post has given me hope if they are not able to operate and I'm so pleased to read you are Cancer free, thank you and blessings to you xxx

  • Oh I am so pleased to have helped - just helping one person makes it worth the post. I know what a black hole you fall into, as I also have a stage 4 family member, and it is hard to see any hope at all. But there is, there really is.

    I hope all goes well for your Uncle. If I can help don't hesitate to message me.

    Strength and God bless x

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