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Permetexed side effect

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I've had my lung tapped and they got just over a litre and a half of fluid.nthey are going to do my other lung next week. I must say I feel better for it. 

I'm waiting to find out what's caused the fluid and should get test results Tuesday. Is there a chance this could be a side effect of permetexed? Or is it more likely to be the cancer progressing. Trying not to panic. Has anyone had this side effect with this chemo drug before?

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Hi sorry I'm  not familiar with that drug. 

Please let us know what it was.

Best wishes


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Giblets9 in reply to hedgehoggy

It's other name is Alimta 

Hi there

I had pemetrexed and didn't have a problem with fluid on the lung.  I only had four cycles.  

I am glad you are feeling a bit better for being drained.  Good luck for the results next Tuesday and with the other lung. 



My husband had four treatments with cisplatin and 6 as maintenance.  No fluid problems but it was stopped due to kidney problems.  Good luck with your drainage and future treatments.

Hi Giblets9

Glad to hear that you are feeling better.  A less common side effect of Permetexed is that it can cause changes to the lungs and it is good that this is being investigated as to the cause of the fluid gathering.  I am sure you will feel even better once you have more fluid drained away.

Best Wishes

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