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Hi everyone, I feel like I'm always on here. My hubby's got sclc right lobe and central lymph nodes. He's had four rounds chemo and a month of radio, lung chest and head. Awaiting next ct shortly. Does anyone else suffer with headaches , back pain and nausea. Also when he tries to eat he is full very quickley and at present he's belching very frequently. He coughs at night and in the day and that is extremely painful. They say this is normal post treatment but the back pain has only seemed to materialise in the last couple days. I have only just gone back to work and I'm no longer doing my night shifts as he struggles more in the night. I'm only doing minimal hours at the moment but I'm worried sick about him whilst I'm there. I am a care worker on a hospital ward and its quite stressful as well. It's so hard. I know at some point I will need to be off work again with him. He comes first. This disease is awful. It's soul destroying.

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Hi Battybev, Sorry to hear that your husband is so symptomatic at the moment. I think it is helpful to keep a symptom diary, it helps you and professionals see patterns in the symptoms, this in turn can help get optimum relief from medications sooner. Try and encourage eating frequently and small amounts, 3 meals a day is often a bit of an ordeal. And let him eat what takes his fancy. I would speak to your cancer team and take the symptom diary with you. They should be able to deal with the pain at least. I hope things improve soon.


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