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Chemo Side Effects

Hello all

I wonder if anyone can give advise or has gone through anything similar.

My mum has a rare NSCLC and has had 2 cycles of carboplatin & pemetrexed. On the 3rd cycle 2wks ago they dropped the carboplatin as her bloods were dropping too much.

On Saturday she was admitted to hospital with chronic diarrhoea she is still in hospital now & there has been no improvement. They have checked several stool samples for bugs which have all been negative. It seems like it's never going to stop. I'm so worried! It's making her so weak! She had a ct today of her chest & abdomen.

Has anyone suffered like this for this length of time?

Thanking you all in advance!

Good wishes to all


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try the specail brownies ?try different stenghts, (like the jamacains use) helps with sleep, eating caus you get the munchies and settles the gut pains ,used it threw my 4 rounds so far and other than a coughing fit 1 or 2 times a day,so far so good. the 4 days after the chemo you will crash =zero energy ,stay in bed all day for 4or 5 days then you will pick up again till your next round of chemo, ask your doc for some steriods this will help with your lack of energy ,i'musing 4mg day 2/1mg day3 ,and 1/2mg for 4days ,only trialing this for my onc.i have confidents in him so i;m following his advice.

live life and enjoy best of luck


Hi 1charleybarney

Sorry to hear that your mother is suffering, sometimes finding the bugs responsible for the symptoms can take a little bit of time. It can also take the immune system a little longer to respond. Chemo treatments can also induce diarrhoea I know its not pleasant for your mother but I am sure the hospital will get to the bottom of it. In the mean time concentrate on foods and drinks you think might take her fancy, flavours that might improve the taste in her mouth. Below are some other tips that may help,

•Drink plenty of clear fluids (8-10 glasses per day).

•Eat small amounts of soft bland low fiber foods frequently. Examples: banana, rice, noodles, white bread, skinned chicken, turkey or mild white fish.

•Avoid foods such as:

◦Greasy, fatty, or fried foods.

◦Raw vegetables or fruits.

◦Strong spices.

◦Whole grains breads and cereals, nuts, and popcorn.

◦Gas forming foods & beverages (beans, cabbage, carbonated beverages).

◦Lactose-containing products, supplements, or alcohol.

◦Limit foods and beverages with caffeine and beverages extremely hot or cold.

I am sure others on the site will have some tips. I hope your mother is feeling better soon.


Thank you so much for taking the time to reply with so much information!



One other thing that can often make a huge difference to people suffering chronic Diarrhoea are things like nice smelling body creams etc. it seams quite insignificant but actually can stop people feeling self conscious. I know its not a treatment but can make a bit of a difference.

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