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Non small cell lung cancer & breathlessness

Hi all

Just wondered if any one can advise or has similar experience. My mum has nscl & suffers with anaemia too. The anaemia has been a long problem. She's had two rounds of chemo now her third is next week. One week before the last cycle of chemo she had a blood transfusion as she was crippled with breathlessness. She is now suffering with a different kind of breathlessness, when she gets up in the morning she gets breathless quite quickly on any exertion but strangely by midday it stops & she's fine!! Does anybody experience this or know why it's happening. We are due to see onc next week so will discuss with him but just wondered if anyone can enlighten us. Thanking you in advance if you reply!

Best wishes to everyone!


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I would see Dr now or go to an ER to check for lung colapse or ? It shouldn't wait till next week if her shortness of breath is that bad

Good luck!


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