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Hi, I've had my first round of chemo and luckily minimal side effects though I have had a pinching sensation in my ribs and a strained feeling in my lower back. Has anyone had similar. I have two more sessions before permetexed maintainence is this a good thing to be going on maintainence so early or do they decide after third session.

I am stage 4 lung cancer and was told inoperable if my tumour shrinks does this then become a possibility? Sorry for lots of questions.

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Hi There,

I am pleased to hear that you have had minimal side effects with the Chemo, monitor your pain and sensation so you can mention it at future appointments. There are people who have had surgery following successful shrinkage by chemo, and I am sure some will get in contact on the forum. They are a good bunch and often understanding others journeys can be a good support.

All the best


I had surgery and had 4 rounds of the

Same type of meds you are getting. I had my last one in September, I had alot of issues with the chemo, I still have discomfort, I have appetite back pretty much...I had that pinching feeling too. For me I had gone through surgery and had lung collapse X3 so I know my pains will last awhile and is not uncommon

I am now getting biopsy as not sure if chemo hot all cells. Had adencarsinoma stage 2 take care

I hoping this is not the case

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