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off the pills and now chemo

well after 12 months of traceva my lung cancer is not getting better my onc says its starting to glow again and he decided to switch to 4 rounds of chemo,done 2 ready for number 3 next week ,getting 400ml of steriods with the chemo so for the first 4 days im real good but day 5 to 10 are a wipe off thats when it all wears off and bed is where i say for those days then i start to get better again small price to pay as is has started to shinrk the mass already ,got all the scans on wensday and the blood tests then see the onc for hopefully better news ,cough is still lingering around and still some shoulder pain ,consterpation is getting under control ,a very big issue for me as it puit me into hospital for 5 days just got out xmas eve was dehidrated big time heart rate threw the roof and into critical care i went(scary)but alls well now ,looking forward to a great new year with lots of positive news and planning another holiday up to the gold coast again for sun and sand and buitiful weather, (for us down under it like you going to spain)so live long and enjoy


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Hi Frank,

I will keep my fingers crossed for the appointment with the onc. Sounds like a great holiday is planned, i bet you will have a great time.

lots of love



Hi Frank,

It is good to read your update,I hope the mass keeps shrinking and the side effects are bearable,enjoy your holiday.



Hi Frank good to hear chemo doing good.The holiday sounds brill we have family in gold coast beautiful part of the world.We off for top up chemo today. Best wishes


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