Yesterday I was told the wonderful news by my Consultant , that I was cancer free after 6 years. I never thought I would hear those words but always had hope. I know I was lucky as both cancers were able to be operated on. The first was a big op through the breast bone with my right side top lobe removed along with a piece of rib. The second a year later in my left bottom lobe which was tiny & removed through my ribs. Between the 2 cancers I had 56 lots of Radiotheraphy. This I found very tiring & I was also very sick. My treatment was in four different hospitals throughout the South West of France. could not have had better treatment. One good thing was that at the time I did not know what was going on so just got on with it. My best moments were the ICU staff bringing me a glass of Boardeaux wine to help me sleep Then when in my room, my two very special night nurses coming in to eat my chocolates & watch films on my portable DVD player with me. So many little things like that helped me through. I never disputed anything that was said to me (mainly as I did not understand} Was quite tearful with my consultant & said I would miss seeing him & he said he would miss me. Only I think because I did as I was told. French patients do like to argue.

I wish all of you all the luck in the world with your tratments, keep your chins up & enjoy every day as it arrives

Hugs to all

Anne xxx

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  • Hi Anne thats fantastic news ! thanks for sharing it on here, its good to hear positive outcomes as it gives us all a bit of hope ! Hope you continue to be well and enjoy life to the full, its so very precious.

    Take care

    Julie xxx

  • Hi Anne,

    Well Done, I'm very pleased for you. You must be so relieved with that fantastic news. You give us all some hope too.

    Best Wishes,


  • Thank you for your story which gives us all hope. Enjoy each day and live your life to the full 😊

  • Hi Anne,

    It is good to read your good news.I hope you are still buzzing .Being a bit squeamish myself not knowing what my consultant was saying might have done me a favour.Best wishes .


  • Hi Anne,

    That is really great news, the sort I hope to hear when my five years is up, as mine was small and operated on and no follow up treatment. Go celebrate in style, you deserve to.

  • That is wonderful news. So nice to hear something good for a change. It seems the French might do it better than us in the UK. But our NHS is really amazing.

  • Yes France is great re health especially emergency & life threatening things. I wont hear a bad thing about the NHS. My brother in England had mouth cancer 3 years ago. He has had wonderful treatment, including a new top jaw made from a piece of his leg bone. How amazing is that is that..

  • Thank you all for your kind comments. Hope that all of you will be able post the same as me one day. We all need to have same outcome after treatment. One day it will be so. Until then keep the faith That you will beat Cancer

    Anne xxx

  • I am so happy for you. Good news for any of us is good news for us all. Congrats

  • great news, keep it coming.

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