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Post treatment

Hi Everyone some positive thoughts from me ,

Well here I am, just restarted work after lung surgery and mop up chemo .Still have a few on going problems numb feet annoying hot flushes night and day and general wound discomforts .All these problems although annoying are not as Hugh as having a active cancer, so I am ok .

However ,I am feeling better and in a much better place physically and emotionally .The mustard tree which is my local MacMillan centre has been 110% supportive throughout offering, alternative therapies ,exercise programmes and people to talk too on blacker days .Sometimes just a quick chat and a drink has helped enormously it has just given me support ,so I haven't driven my family quietly mad.

I have no idea if this cancer will return it might ,but for the moment life is starting to feel ok .I last had chemo in July and a follow up xray comes around November. First I am off on a 10 day holiday in the sun not sure my hot flushes will like this but total relaxation is not such a bad thing .

I am back at work gradually increasing my hours bit by bit this may or may not work out ,I am not really worried just giving it a go .I feel quite calm at the moment in control ,not just reacting to a bad situation .I think I am as physically fit as is possible, a bit huffy when walking up hills but not too bad .I walked a little of the Devon coast path with my husband and it was ok .At first I was really breathless and then it suddenly got better ,still breathless but improved .

My reality is my body is not quite the same, its been operated on and has survived chemo and for the moment I am doing ok .The last conversation I had with my oncologist was that there were no guarantees but I had a good chance of a cure .They got it early and that was good .I am hoping for a cure as that's the best outcome ,I want to believe in that so I am going too for now .Fingers crossed.

So to anyone who is just starting this cancer journey there is light at the end of the tunnel and most importantly hope, the cancer worry is always there ,it may come back that's the nature of the beast. But there are always times when you feel ok and at ease .No one has been as anxious as me at every junction I have had a million questions and have been quite resistant at times to any sort of treatment .But I am still here and hopefully going to be here for sometime to come . Thankyou NHS .

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How nice to see some good news on these boards for a change. I wish you well for the future.

Netty x


Well done Diane, it is a hard road but you've got this far and all the signs are good for you to continue to improve.

Good luck!



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