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well all is some what good

just updating you all had a fantastic week on the sunny gold coast surfers paridise queensland au

lots of sun ,walks shopping eating had a great time,but and yes i've come to realize some thing you have to pay for ,with this cancer it seem to be fluid on the lungs started coughing a bit more on the way home ,plane was a bit hard to breathe in but my car ride home was a shocker just couldn't stop coughing .

monday back to work wasn;t feeling to good tuesday back to hospital er fluid again so another plural tape ouch and 1.3 ltrs of yellowish liquid drained out and i feel some much better i guess while i was walking around all day in the sunshine i was feeling fantastic get home don;t know what happened ,guy upstairs has a funny sence of humor so back to taking that pill 7 days a week again hoping the side effects don;t come back ,still the break was worth it ,i have a stronger mental well being to face this and well a win would be nice but a draw will survice. see my onc at the end of the month more scans first hope to here good news last lot where somewhat uncertain.till then bye for now

live life and enjoy

frank from down under

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Hi Frank,

It is good to hear that your trip went well,hopefully your lungs will stay clear

.You are doing well to still be working,is your job physical?



hi stewart, i'm a day supervisor in a plastics factory low volume high quality specalists so not very physically demanding and i have a side kick and 2 setters so when i want i can get into it or pass it onto them and i have a great boss and owner ,both really look after me,got 35years plus stored in this head of mine and thats what they want me for ,get all the new jobs up and running ,and because its low volume it doesn;t go to china so we get a good volume of work and very steady,1000parts is a long run, does go down to 12 parts ,so its work now one wants and we are growing because we do this stuff .

bucking the treands so to speak here in oz.

feeling good now its been a few days after the tape still a little sore but i can breathe much better now hopefully it just gets better ,

thanks for you thoughts very much apreaciated.

live life and enjoy



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