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traceva wow this is a weird one

well i have been back on the drug like my onc said 5 days on 2 off first week the cough is getting better still got some fliud in the lungs but not to bad to put up with, changed the times i take the pill now its in the morning around 7.30 to 8 am 2hours after food and 2 hours before food and damn its seems to be working and only a few very small pimples mostly on the back and i feel good , not gut pains or feeling realy bad,this is quite a change for me as i haven;t felt like doing anything now i'm mowing the lawn doing the vegie garden ad tinkering like i always did before this dam lung cancer got me. my be the guy up thier is giving me a break ,

hope this continues on will up date you all in a few weeks after i get back from my weeks holiday in the gold coast ,queensland ,are sunshine i'm coming end of the month hurry up.

live long and enjoy


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Frank, it's good that your starting to feel better and moving around more. I always feel better when I manage to get some exercise. It's doubly good as you're off on holiday soon.

Enjoy and stay well.



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