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Lung cancer

My husband has been visiting GP for 18 months with really bad back pain and was given tramadol. His pain became unbearable in Feb this year and finally Gp sent him for MRI Scan the scan showed metastatic lung cancer with 3.2cm mass in left lung plus multiple tiny nodules in both lungs.His spine showed metastic deposits.Pathological fracture T12 with 80% body height loss cancer also spread to his pelvis. He has undergone urgent radiotherapy on spine , had one treatment of chemo then put on Iressa. He had his first scan after 8 weeks on Iressa and it showed tiny shrinkage in Tumour and bones in pelvis getting stronger. Would be grateful for any help or advise anybody can give us please.

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Hi Morrirk,

I'm sorry that you've had to join this site as none of us really wish to be here.

I don't have any specific knowledge of your hubby's treatment but I do know that some on this site have been stable on Iressa for a good length of time.

It really annoys me when I hear of GP's who have missed the chance of an earlier diagnosis of lung cancer.

Good luck



yes i had a simmilar problem with a cough dr said here take some antibiotics and see you later 6 to 7 time i went before i got the x ray to confirm lung cancer so yes we are all at the same level their even being in different countries, and hey the drugs work i'm not on iressa i got tarceva works great but look out for side effects,they can be bad sometimes, read on this forum what to look out for or just ask the questions we all have the same problem unfortunately , here is where you can rant and write and get it out we all have at one stage , just keep your head up and get on with life and enjoy it


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Thanks for the replies, my husband is very positive about the diagnosis he didnt want a prognosis. He has gone from a very active man to needing a wheel chair he tells everybody he is lucky he got this mutant gene and is taking Iressa. Fingers crossed the Iressa works for a long time.



its similar to tarceva and as far as i have found out 5 1.2 years and going strong with full remishen is the longest i have found so thats a real good sign ,so thank god for that mutant gene,

live life and enjoy


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