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Too ill for treatment??

Hi all,

I'm new to all of this so bear with me..

I was wondering if anyone can help me understand..

My dad was absolutely fine 9 weeks ago, then felet unwell with flu like symptoms, went to docs got told it was a virus.

Two weeks later felt no better so went back, had some blood tests which showed his pain receptor levels to be high??

After being admitted to the go ward at the local, and having xray and ct scan. A small shadow showed in his lung, after a biopsy and a pet scan it was decided he needed another biopsy. No diagnosis yet. We were chasing the biopsy last week. His nurse told us over the phone he was too ill to have anymore treatent he would be seeing the hospice the next day..

Saw hospice doc who put him on morphine for pains in legs and hands, still no diagnosis..

saw chest doc last week who said he was too ill for any treatment and yes he did have lung cancer 3cm was mentioned, not operable because too near the heart.

My question is they are not doing anything..

no nurse to visit at home my poor mum is toileting my dad, dressing him, doing everything and no one seems to care..

We are supposed to be getting ian rennie nurses but he is on a soon to be seen list..

What else can we do??

Please any advice would be great xx

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Phone your local social services department and ask about the support that is available. Also speak to your GP and District Nurses.

Best wishes


Hi there - what a shock for you!! The lack of information is awful!! AND very unusual. I had inoperable lung cancer but they treated me with chemo and radio therapy concurrently, and I am in remission now. Mine was wrapped around major blood vessels so it was inoperable. I beleived it was curtains. It is very unusual for services not to have been put in. Is it possible your Dad could have made some decisions on his own? In which case the staff would be duty bound to honour his wishes. Speak to the team on the macmillan website - they helped me a lot. He should have his own community macmillan nurse who will facilitate any services required and organise help from the macmillan fund, along with info on how to claim top rate disability living allowance. If you need any help please email me at . There is a lot of help available out there! VEE xx

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Hello Shelby

You have had a lot to deal with in the last two months, so hopefully you have come to the right place for some support.

It sounds like you have had a tough time and mum and dad could do with more help.

It may be the combination of the location of your dad's tumour and his general health mean he is not able to have anti-cancer treatment.

His medical team should arrange pain management so that your dad is comfortable. If the issue with the hospice nurses has not been sorted yet it is worth phoning your GP and asking for the district nursing service to assist your mum in caring for your dad.

If you have specific questions about treatment or types of lung cancer we may be able to assist. We have written information available via our website or which can be posted to you. Our freephone helpline number is 0333 323 7200, option 2

best wishes

Lorraine on behalf of the Information & Support team

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Hi all thanks for your input, I think I have found the problem, we are between two counties so there has been a lack of communication between them, we have a hospice doc and Ian rennie nurses coming out today so hopefully will have some answers later on. Thank you all for your advice it has been a great help xx


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