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Hi all, my mom has had 4 lots of chemo for her small cell lung cancer......went to oncologist today to be told that there is no more chemo and that there is no maintainance chemo for sclc, we are devestated, they are rescanning mom as she has numbness to her right hand and foot, they are not sure if this is reaction from chemo or if cancer has spread to brain, after scan their is talk of radiotherapy, netherthe less I can't get my head around there being no maintenance chemo.....feel like they are giving up on my mom.......any info would be great fully received ....... Thankyou xxxx

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Hi I have nsclc so its different from your moms but I have seen a lot of posts about sclc and they seem to use radiation of the brain and the chest as standard with pretty good results. Hopefully someone will be along with more info for you soon. Best wishes.Julie


Dear Hope,

Even in the cases of NSCLC, only a small proportion of patients receive maintenance chemotherapy. A combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy is standard treatment for SCLC, and often radiotherapy is given to the brain. Maintenance chemotherapy would only be given to NSCLC patients who can tolerate the toxicity and are responding well to it. Please speak to your Lung Cancer Nurse further advice and support.

Best wishes,

Beth, on behalf of Information and Support.


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