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Low lung capacity

I am a 39 year old man, Smoker, weight 63KG & height 172 cm I fell always a mild shortness of breathe from the last 02 month. My doctor makes me the, Chest x-ray, 6 minute walk test, allergy test & a bronco provocation test. My chest X-ray, 6 minute walk test is quite normal with 95% oxygen saturation rate. But my bronco provocation test result is 1) moderately restrictive airway defect. 2) Moderately positive bronco provocation test. My baseline/ pre-medication FVC are 61% & FEV1 is 61%. FEV1/FVC ratio is 82%. (My doctor prescribed me the medication, Seretide 250 Accuhaler, MONTELUKAST 10MG, Ebastine ,MY question is: 1) is it possible to increase The FVC % till to normal range? As I can see it is lower than normal 80%, which indicates restrictive lung dieses. 2) Is there any treatment to stop the decline of FVC% 2) do I require further more investigation? 3) How severe my situation is according the above mentioned info? Do I need further more diagnosis?

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The best thing is to try and give up smoking, also get as much exercise as you can. You won't really be able to reverse your condition but you can attempt to maintain the level you have. It may be worth posting your question on the COPD site for more accurate info.

Good Luck Rab

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thanks for your reply


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