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Diet in Lung Cancer with spread to Sdrenal gland

Have just been diagnosed with above, any suggestions as to a sensible diet which will get me through chemo which I am just about to start. Godd intentioned family and friends give various suggestions I.e butter, full cream milk, cottage cheese etc and OTHERS say NO dairy products - any simple diet sheet that I could follow would be much appreciated.



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I didn't change a thing ! For the fist two cycles I did tend to stick to cup a soups for the first day or two, but after that, no major change in diet. Still have my mouldy cheese, long life milk , ice cream etc. Have cut down on red meat and increased my intake of fruit - Pineapple juice is good for refreshing the mouth.


Hi there,

I was recently at a meeting with an oncology dietician, and her recommendation was to eat whatever you fancied while you were going through the treatment, with the exception of live and unpasteurised foods, and certain juices, such as grapefruit as it can interfere with some chemotherapy drugs.

It is important to take on sufficient calories whilst you are undergoing treatment to strengthen your immune system.

Best wishes,

Beth, on behalf of information and support.

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