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Flying with Iressa and lung cancer will

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Hi all, I was lucky to have the mutation for Iressa and have been on it for nearly 6 months. The scan in Jan showed shrinkage and s/e bearable. I’m 72 and I’ve just booked a flight from New Zealand to Cape Town - 27 or more hours which is terribly long. Any suggestions to help make the trip more bearable will be appreciated. Than you

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Dear Marina, I am SO pleased to hear that the good old Iressa is doing such a grand job with your cancer firstly. In view of the side-effects of Iressa I would suggest taking/wearing some Lady Tena Pants for your trip and also some type of sleeping pill which may enable you to sleep much of your trip. Also a very good book or two. However, there's likely to be a good film to watch as well. I hope you have a fantastic trip and that you enjoy your visit . Love and Hugs Diz xx

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Marina4 in reply to dizzie-wh

Thank you so much - yes the Tena pants are a brilliant idea -never had this incontinence before and it’s at nighttime - so will do.

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Readhill in reply to dizzie-wh

Hey Dizzie. How are you? I have been wondering how you are getting on

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dizzie-wh in reply to Readhill

Hi - I'm doing pretty fine despite some "significant" growth, as they put it. Waiting for a decision for Radiotherapy or Clinical Trial. Probably waiting till next scan. How are you doing??

Love Diz xx

Hi Marina,

Just a quick add to the invaluable advice from Diz. I always use Vicks First Defence when on a flight to help prevent getting an infection from the plane. Mine are just European flights so would be even better for long haul. Gefitinib worked for 18 months for me but I know Diz was on it for much longer. Have a fabulous holiday, much love

Alison x

Dear Marina4

How wonderful the scan has shown shrinkage, and sounds like a great trip you have booked. i have placed a link here that you can click on from cancer research Uk on travel advice:

Macmillan support also provide information on travel on this link:

It may be worthwhile considering asking for travel assistance at the airport and for your flight, they will assist you with transfer (provide wheelchair use) boarding the plane etc, which may make you feel less tired and stressed moving between terminals.

Roy Castle foundation provide travel advice on this link, along with travel insurance suggestions:

Hope you have a safe flight and beautiful holiday. If you wish to discuss anything you can call us on our free nurse led helpline number on 0800 357 7200

All the best

The Roy Castle Support Team

Really glad to hear your results, mum (who is 80) is on Iressa, and her first 3 month scan showed all reduced tumours, hardly any plural fluid, and no new growths, and several Mets have become sclerotic. She has gone from a fit person to someone who couldn't move without becoming breathless and unable to do anything, back to herself! Only downside we had to cancel our med cruise as we couldn't get travel insurance. ENJOY your trip x

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Marina4 in reply to Dexter68

Hi, I’m going with or without it! The results for your mum sound excellent. Long may it last.

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