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my husband has just been told he has lung cancer, secondly from the neck which he had 18 months ago. lost and need help

was told can not operate, rad will only shink it, was not told what number it is, just that they cannot treat it like the tuma in the neck. They said they are limited to what they can do when it in the lung. Can anyone help me I do not under stand why that can not operate and I beleve you can life with one lung. we are both lost at the moment and dumb and need hope of alternative meds. Can some one help.

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My circumstances maybe a little different to your husband's - in so much that my cancer originated in the lung, and was classed as inoperable. The reason being is that it was wrapped around major blood vessels. Following chemotherapy and radiotherapy (quite a harsh regime) I am now considered in remission. I was diagnosed in July last year and finished treatment in November. They say the tumour has gone, i am due my 3rd three monthly check next month, and am hoping it is still at bay. Mine was squamous cell with one node in my left lung. There are a lot of different types of lung cancer - so I would definitely speak to your MacMillan Nurse at the hospital you attend. DO ask them questions - write them down before attending hospital. You need to be informed exactly what is going on. Maybe this isn't much help, but what I wanted you to know is that all is not lost because it is not operable. The other reason maybe that the lung cancer is a secondary(which I think you indicated) and these I believe are treated differently. Hope things work out well for you Vee xx


hey.... just saw your post... I have 1 lung due to this beast.... it's hard.. and takes time to get used to the "New" normal.

Where are you guys situated?.... I'm in Australia...

If your not happy with the diagnoses please get another opinion... ok You tell them what YOU want other words..they "work" for you...... too many Dr's these days put it in the Too hard Basket :( Hope to hear back



Thanks Vee and Wendy the best news is (but what I wanted you to know is that all is not lost because it is not operable) We live in Cambridgeshire UK one Q we are trying to find out is there Lung Cancer Dr in UK that just deal with Lungs and not a wide range of cancers.

Yes we want to ask other Dr what is the Ops, We left the Hosp all sad and darkness and my poor husband just stayed in bed. Now he hears this all is not lost, The Dr that told us that to remove it is not a option ref that my husband Graham is Peg feed in tummy and cant swallow.

He is not bleeding just a cough so the Dr said we have Ops 1 Rad treatment for 1 week to try and shrink it. I have been reading news that this works but the Dr said this will drain my husband he said it will not go away but we can treat it. Chem he said some tubes in the veins and the dugs will be given but will make you sick, Before we had anti sickness drugs to stop him being sick.

Yes we will talk with Macmillan nurse once we find her/him, like Wendy Graham is a fighter but hay give him some hope it was truly horrible the feeling we both had walking out of the hospital and over the passed days been a lots of grey feelings. We want hope and something to fight for. Graham melts fresh honey in water and takes this every day.

Any of you know of other treatments or supplements to take to help the body fight it.



Hi Tigergirl, just read your post, don't give up giving up!! I had made all my funeral plans, got the minister, hymns etc. cleared my house out, burned documents etc!! If you use the Roy castle lung cancer site - there are some suggestions there - a very interesting one is Cannabis oil!!! I do some posts on there and there are lots of pockets of information. I'm still here to tell the tale. However - you don't say which cell type the cancer is, non small cell, small cell or any of the others. They are, again, subdivided under those headings. My Oncologist gave me a very small chance and it was with severe difficulty finding and getting biopsies to know which type. I am from north west of England (Burnley area). Hope you find the help you so desperately need. xx


Hi Tigergirl,

Just like Veecatz has already suggested, I think your husband has lung secondaries, or metastases from a tumour that originated in the neck, which is different from Lung Cancer. Can you clarify whether I am right in thinking this, so that I can give you the right information.

Best wishes,

Beth, on behalf of information and support.


OK will do one I am told the name of it or number they did not say what kind. Yes my husband had neck cancer first and was told clear, The this new secondaries came from the neck they feel the Bi Ops said it was the same Cancer. He is on anti biotic today bit of green on chest but all OK sits in the sun for 20 mins in garden but until Augmentin cuts in he feel sleepy. But normal and happy.



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