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anyone similar circumstances ?

Hi all, Dont know if anyone else has been diagnosed the same as me. I went for diagnosis

yesterday and apparently the cancer I have is very near the windpipe and the main artery to my brain. They are going to do an exploratory operation to see exactly where it is. before deciding to operate or not . only good part was it is confined to one lung and not spread. Just wondered if anyone else has similar . thanks. :)

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Hi Jilly

I don't know if my 'problem' was the same as yours or not but it sounds similar. I had a large tumour in my right lung and it was so close to the entrance, and to the other tubes and stuff which keep us living, that they couldn't operate, period.

Instead, I had various sessions of chemotherapy which eventually caused the tumour to shrink sufficiently for the radiotherapy to get rid of it completely. That was in 2000.

We're all different and what was good for me may not work for everyone, but it just shows what can be done.

Best wishes,



Thanks so much for the reply Bill. I know it varies with each person but it is nice to know its not all doom and gloom. You take care. Sure I will be in touch. :)


Hi Jilly,

My husband has cancer that has spread to the windpipe, for him it meant the cancer was inoperable. He has had chemo and radiotheapy and we see the consultant on Friday to see how well it has worked and what they can offer him next. We are keeping our fingers crossed. Good luck with your exploratory op and subsequent treatment.

This site is amazing and it is wonderful to hear all the wonderful survival stories, It was certainly a beacon of hope when we were both at our lowest.



Hi Lesley51, Many thanks for your reply, please let me know how your husband is doing. I wish him all the love and prayers in the world. I feel that its not all doom and gloom after reading some of the blogs on this site. I think to stay positive is one of the main things. take care. :) xx


My wife was only able to have radical radiotherapy,this was January last year and came on in leaps and bounds.from being in a wheelchair to getting around with a stroller then a stick.She stared to develop a cough again around the end of July and by the time we return from visiting our son and his family it was back and starting to grow. After seeing the Cancer Doctor they thought of putting in a stent in the airway and was due to see about one on a Monday the Sunday night into the Monday she had a large bleed from a secondary artery in the airway and was rushed to hospital I have never seen so much blood,it is now controlled by a drug cant recall the name I am sure it is called Tramec acid. She has no other options open to her now and is in pallative care at home we are looking at perhaps another 2 or 3 months before the end. After seeing the Cancer Doctor on that occassion we have had no further input from her and have made a request to been seen but I don`t think it will happen. I get the feeling that since there is no more that can be done they really don`t want to know her or any of us for that matter which to me is all wrong. Both myself and my wife have a few questions we would have liked to put to her but as I already said that dosn`t appear to be happening. All we do now is wait and watch her fast dissappering before our eyes, I am angry at it all but I will take it all up at a later date, I still feel that people and families have a right to be seen by these so called professional people until the patient and the family s question have been answered


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