iv just had a ct scan and have a shadow on my right lung could this be cancer

this showed up on xray when i was in hosp a few weeks back with chest infection.i was sent for a ct scan last week. doctor phoned me yesterday and told me there is a shadow on right lung and he is refering me to broadgreen hospitail for another scan. could this be cancer as if it was a infection or scar tissus damage would they not be able to tell that from the first ct scan i had ,

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  • Hi Yvonne,

    To determine whether I had cancer two years ago, I underwent a CT scan, followed by another CT scan. Even that was inconclusive, so I was sent for yet another CT scan and a biopsy. Then I was sent along to another hospital where I was put through a PET CT scanner, which did confirm that I had lung cancer. All this procedure was carried out within about a four week period.

    I appreciate your concern and worry in this regard and wish you all the best for the future.

    Because my cancer was operable, I underwent surgery very quickly, followed by chemotherapy.

    At the present time, I'm still free of cancer and recovering well.

    I should also add that I also had bowel cancer, quite separate, at the time and was operated on 3 weeks earlier than my lung op, so there is always hope!!

    Just try and keep as positive as possible.

    Kind Regards,


  • thank you for your reply it is so scary only went in hosp for 5 days with bad chest infection and then found out about this shadow . think its a pet scan iv got to have not sure no iv got to get a injection .so sorry to hear yours was cancer but so glad ye ok and free now . wishing you good luck for ye future and hope ye stay healthy xxal the best for xmas and new yr x

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